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Welcome to Bodyworks Martial Arts Training Center
Family Owned and Operated Since 1980
Teaching kids the importance of hard work, commitment and dedication! 
Programs start as early as 4 years old!

Kids Karate 

We are all aware of what a quality martial arts program can provide - confidence, respect, focus, self-discipline, and so much more. However, here at Bodyworks we have taken it one step further. Not only does our program prioritize instilling these important attributes into our students, but we do so while developing “Martial Athletes”

What is a “Martial Athlete?” A martial athlete by our definition is a student that possesses the stand-up self-defense skills of a karate student, ground defense skills of a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, striking ability of a kickboxer and the movement ability of a field sport athlete.

We want our students to be as well-rounded as possible which means providing a complete and comprehensive self-defense system that will prepare them mentally and physically for whatever obstacles they may encounter. Classes will teach your child:

• Effective stand-up striking skills
• Effective stand-up self-defense techniques
• Effective ground defense skills

Become stronger, faster and healthier while developing skills to make you "street ready" 

Adult Karate

The Ultimate Self-Defense System for Adults 
Our unique system of Combined Kenpo Karate is the culmination of 40 plus years of teaching and training in the martial arts. We know that in order to be successful you need the right training!

Our system is designed to give adults the most effective/practical and comprehensive self-defense skills possible. 
We know that increasing physical abilities such as strength, speed, agility, and endurance lead to success AND promotes a much healthier lifestyle. Our classes are fun, upbeat, positive and consists of like-minded people. 

Adult/Kids Jiu-Jitsu

Come learn "the gentle art" in a fun family friendly atmosphere
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a predominantly ground-based martial art, using the principals of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent submission of one’s opponent. 

Unlike other martial arts that focus on strikes and/or kicks, jiu jitsu focuses on close-contact “grappling” holds and techniques, and the application of chokes and joint-manipulations.
Jason Bryant is the head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor here at Bodyworks Martial Arts Training Center. 

Jason grew up in Penacook, NH and began training BJJ in 2007 at the original Bodyworks location. Since then he has trained under Robert Drysdale black belt, Curt Cummings, and in 2020 Jason received his black belt from his current coach Greg West - owner of Aqueous BJJ in Bedford, NH, under Team New England United. 

Team NEU has strong ties to the origins of BJJ itself, with their lineage directly connected to the pioneers of "the gentle art".
Our Mission Is to Make Fitness For EveryBODY

Ascent Training and Performance 

That starts with breaking down the many barriers that keep people from joining a gym in the first place.

Our experienced coaches excel in creating a safe and welcoming environment for you to pursue your individual fitness journey, regardless of YOUR goals.

We strive to make training enjoyable and sustainable while also delivering results.

Whether you can train with us in person at our Concord, NH location, or across the world 
via our app delivered programming, we strive to provide you the with the best coaching experience possible.

Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, inclusive, and supportive. From anywhere in the world!

Remote Coaching
Small group Training 
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