Check out our class schedule and video of our classes now. With your permission we'll also email you some additional info about our program and a $50 off coupon!
Welcome to Bodyworks Martial Arts Training Center!
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Kids Self-Defense 
Developing a Generation of "Martial Athletes" 
Teaching kids the importance of hard work, commitment and dedication! 
Programs start as early as 4 years old! 
We are all aware of what a quality martial arts program can provide - confidence, respect, focus, self-discipline, and so much more. However, here at Bodyworks we have taken it one step further. Not only does our program prioritize instilling these important attributes into our students, but we do so while developing “Martial Athletes”

What is a “Martial Athlete?” A martial athlete by our definition is a student that possesses the stand-up self-defense skills of a karate student, ground defense skills of a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, striking ability of a kickboxer and the movement ability of a field sport athlete.

We want our students to be as well-rounded as possible which means providing a complete and comprehensive self-defense system that will prepare them mentally and physically for whatever obstacles they may encounter. Classes will teach your child:

• Effective stand-up striking skills
• Effective stand-up self-defense techniques
• Effective ground defense skills

We know that the more we enhance a student’s athletic ability the better chance they have to be successful not just here in martial arts, but in other sports/activities as well. This is why we developed and incorporated a “Youth Movement Specialization Program” in our gym as part of our regular martial arts program. Here your child will develop athletic qualities such as:

  •  Coordination 
  • ​Static/Dynamic Stability 
  • ​Agility 
  • ​ Speed 
  • ​Endurance 
  • ​Upper Body Strength 
  • ​Lower Body Strength 
  • ​Core Stability 

What other program, activity or sport can instill focus, respect, confidence, self-discipline and a sense of goal setting while at the same developing self-defense skills and improving athletic ability…..we do not believe there is one and is why we want to hear from you right now to begin your child’s journey to success!

Check out our class schedule and video of one of our kids' classes now. With your permission we'll also email you some additional info about our kids' program and a $50 off coupon!
Adult Self-Defense 
The Ultimate Self-Defense System for Adults 
Become stronger, faster, healthier while developing skills to make you "street ready" 
​What do you think are the most important qualities in order in to successfully defend yourself against attackers on the street?

Knowing specific stand up and ground self-defense techniques?
Being in really good shape?
Having the right mindset to get through a scary and intimidating situation?

I think you would agree that possessing all of these qualities would give someone a very good chance at successfully defending themselves. This is exactly what our adult program provides. Our unique system of Combined Kenpo Karate is the culmination of 40 plus years of teaching and training in the martial arts. We know that in order to be successful you need the right training!

Our system is designed to give adults the most effective/practical and comprehensive self-defense skills possible. Our program will take you through defensive skills and strategies that cover all 4 zones of attack:
Zone 1: Punch/Kick range + punch, kick and long rage weapon defense
Zone 2: Close range - clinch, elbows, knees + various grab attack 
defense and close range weapons defense

Zone 3: One person on the ground with attacker standing + takedowns

Zone 4: Both People on the ground

We carefully integrate these zones in a methodical and exciting way. Before you know it you’re feeling more and more comfortable and skilled in all positions. Our students consistently say how confident they are becoming – a sense of empowerment.

We know that increasing physical abilities such as strength, speed, agility, and endurance lead to success AND promotes a much healthier lifestyle. Our classes are fun, upbeat, positive and consists of like-minded people. But most importantly, keep in mind the well-known analogy of a journey of one thousand miles staring with just the first step. We are designed for those at the very beginning. You need not be at a certain level of conditioning/ ability. In fact a lot of people think they need to “get into shape” before starting something like this….on the contrary, that will be our job. Contact us now and take your first step!

Check out our class schedule and video of one of our adult classes now. With your permission we'll also email you some additional info about our adult program and a $50 off coupon!
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